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Our Story

Northwood Cider Co. exists to create great cider that brings people and communities together. We believe that beauty isn’t found in the flesh, but in the juice that runs between it.  We strive to be a steward and promoter of our community, and especially our staff – who create incredible cider and experiences. We believe that good things happen when everyone has a chance to have input and no one is left behind. 

With that in mind, we hold the following concepts front of mind:

  • Authenticity - We are a cidery owned by two families that live and work in the Cincinnati region. We have a passion for the craft of making ciders that we would want to share with our friends and family.

  • Community - We want to be a place where people from all walks of life can come together and find common interests. We strive to provide an inclusive environment where all are welcome and appreciated for who they are.

  • Health Conscious - All of our ciders are made with 100% fresh pressed apples, and never from concentrate. We use a variety of other fruit juices and purees, along with fresh botanicals, spices, and hops to craft our award winning ciders.

  • Engaging and Fun - Our taproom is built for people to enjoy the company of others and have a fun experience. Outside of the taproom, our ciders are crafted to enjoy at family gatherings, cookouts, outdoor activities such as hikes and on the water. 

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The Name

Northwood Cider Co. located in Norwood - what gives? Until the 1870s, the area that is now the City of Norwood was known as Sharpsburg. The area was a heavily wooded hamlet just north of Cincinnati, Ohio and was beginning to attract some attention from developers looking to build homes around what was one of the last rail stops out of town. The Bolles family was one such developer, though its matriarch Sarah Bolles hated that the name of Sharpsburg, and demanded a name change. Citing an anti-slavery book (Villa Life in New England) she was reading at the time about a city called Northwood, she suggested the name North Wood Heights as the site of their new neighborhood was north of Cincinnati, heavily wooded, and situated on a hill. Locals quickly abbreviated this name to Norwood, and by 1870 Norwood was the de facto name of the area. In a nod to Norwood’s history and the enterprising Sarah Bolles, Northwood Cider Co. was born.


Community is what drives us. 
Northwood Cider Co. was created around the idea that great relationships are what builds community and our mission is to help you build community over a glass of hard cider. In 2016, Darrin Wilson and Keyu Yan had just moved to Cincinnati and were introduced to Joe and Rohan Klare through a mutual friend. Their conversation was all about the authentic local businesses they loved to visit throughout Greater Cincinnati and how these businesses strengthen neighborhoods and built community. Three days later, Darrin called Joe and asked if he and Rohan would like to begin the conversation about how they could partner to bring the sort of community driven business they both loved to reality - give years later the result is Northwood Cider Co.  
We produce naturally delicious craft beverages produced with local and seasonal ingredients never from concentrates procured in a manner that protects our farmland and environment. You’ll never find artificial flavors, gluten, corn syrup, or food dyes in Northwood Cider.


Community Partnership

At Northwood Cider Co. we value: real and healthy ingredients, sharing cider with all walks of life, bringing our community together, and being a part of creating great memories. We make real hard cider to share with real friends. When community initiatives share our values, we are inclined to support them as we are able. 

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